“Amanda is so natural and brings out an ease to the session which is translated in the photography. Reactions and emotions are genuine under her gentle direction. She has an eye for detail and puts so much love into all of her creative pursuits. Her photography is a wonderful expression of that passion. I would love to work with Amanda again. She was very down to earth and encouraging. She always has interesting ideas but also lets the couple have direction in how they want their photos to turn out. Even though Amanda is the artist, the process feels collaborative. Nothing felt forced, the entire photoshoot was very peaceful and genuine. I love Amanda’s knack for capturing natural light and candid expression. Amanda Foote Photography offers an experience as much as she offers a beautiful product."

Michelle Watts

"Amanda can turn something so simple into something outstanding. After working with Amanda I always feel more confident. Seeing my photos and the way she captured not only what I look like but who I am is incredible. If I'm ever feeling down or self-conscious, I can go back and look at the photos she has taken and remind myself that I have all the reasons in the world to be comfortable in my own skin and love who I am.  Amanda is so easy to work with. She makes you feel comfortable. She is able to find what poses are going to work for you and create an awesome photo. She is such a fun person and can make taking pictures into an exciting experience. Though my friend, I feel she can honestly make anyone feel comfortable and beautiful.  She makes sure that you are having fun during your session and not just simply taking photos. She always made it an exciting experience and I always felt like I looked my best during the entire shoot. I love Amanda and I have been able to continue to build our friendship through her photography and the shoots that we work on together. 

Madison Albertson

"I felt excited for my upcoming experience with Amanda Foote Photography! I've seen her work before and it's beautiful and improved every time. Paying for a photographer and just being an awkward poser held me back from getting my pictures done before. But Amanda is a dear friend of mine and I love helping her and her business! Also, her work is beautiful! Since then, I have felt better about posing for a photographer, and I realize it is worth it. My favorite part of working with Amanda was her direction. Like I said, I'm awkward. She told me exactly what she wanted me to do and I loved that! I am most looking forward to the future because I have gained confidence and I feel that I am able to express myself. Amanda Foote Photography is laid back, simple and pure. ❤ "

Melanie Hutson

“Having Amanda Foote as my photographer was a wonderful experience. She was kind and creative, with lots of ideas and new thoughts. She handled any obstacle we had with ease and enthusiasm. I’m truly pleased with how my pictures turned out and the options I had regarding them.”

Tiffany Canham

“I’m so happy I chose Amanda Foote Photography to do my pictures! Amanda is very funny and sweet, she is great at making you feel completely comfortable and happy! While doing a shoot with her you feel like a flawless, beautiful model! It didn’t take very long at all to get my pictures back, and they were everything I had wished for. I highly recommend Amanda Foote Photography as your photographer for all of your once in a lifetime memories, that you want captured in a beautiful picture!! Thank you so much Amanda!”

Brook Johns

"I was confident in Amanda's talents due to the fact that I had already viewed some of her work on her website and social media. I also felt nervous. Having someone take your picture can be very personal and requires a lot of trust. I knew Amanda after working with her before where I was able to witness so often all of the extreme kindness she displays on a daily basis to all of her customers. Also because I had viewed Amanda's work in the past and was aware of the quality photos she produces, so I knew Amanda would be perfect for me.. I have gained quite a bit of confidence in the fact that I can come to her whenever necessary to update my photos and that I could send any one of my friends and family to her for sessions as well. My favorite part about working with Amanda was the fact that she made me so comfortable during the entire process. I am not a wonderful poser, but Amanda is wonderful at getting creative with her photos and at directing me to do things so that the photos come out well. She was able to make me look good! I went into this shoot not really knowing the direction that I wanted to go in, but Amanda took control and it allowed me to relax much more and enjoy the session. I'm also very excited about the head shots Amanda created for me to help me with my personal career goals. My experience went very well and was very personal. I enjoyed that and I understand it is because we were already friends. I think that Amanda is very easy for people to relate to. Amanda is really good at making something very simple look pretty magical. ✨ "

Kaylin Hill

Before I worked with Amanda, I was nervous, because I’ve never modeled before and I’m a very shy person. I had fears of being made fun of and embarrassing myself. But I love the way Amanda edits her photos! I can tell by her photos she really has an eye for photography! All her subjects always look authentic and happy.  Since working with her, I feel a little more comfortable in front of a camera! I remember the poses Amanda had me do and how well they looked after! I’ve had everyone compliment my photos and I’ve even had BH Cosmetics like one or two on my Instagram page! Amanda is so sweet and nice! I felt totally comfortable around her. Amanda was the right photographer for me because my photos turned out great and my whole experience was awesome! Now I feel ready to take on all of the challenges coming my way! Amanda is super nice and no matter how awkward or shy you are, she will make you feel comfortable in front of a camera!

Kelly Sweet