Many people believe that taking pictures shouldn’t be that hard or that expensive because “there is nothing more to it than pointing and clicking the shutter button.” That’s just not the truth. I have a professional level of experience and understanding of complex camera and editing systems, ambient lighting, aperture and shutter speed, composition, and more. Every full session I take on an average of 10-15 hours of time. That time is devoted, but not limited to:

As soon as you know you want to have a session. As with most businesses there are busy times and slow times. I do my very best to accommodate my client’s schedules but calling and booking as soon as possible is always suggested.

A perfect amount for me is six full sessions a month. That allows me to give my clients the customer service they deserve without sacrificing my family life.

OF COURSE! Every photo is processed in my digital dark room. I process every photo to my standards and special requests as they come up. Standard processing is included in your session fee. Special requests like removing braces, extra slimming or head swaps may require additional time and fees.

setting up the session
         answering all pre-session questions
         gathering contracts & retainers
         gathering permits
         if needed, help with clothing choices
         the list goes on...
         and we haven’t even clicked the shutter once yet.

Actual session time and drive time

editing (4-6 hours or more)

ordering appointments

fulfilling that order from different labs

postings to my blog, website and Facebook

delivery or packaging of orders

follow up to make sure that everything is exactly what the client ordered

The cost of the digital files includes much more than a few pixels on your computer screen. It takes into account my skill, use of professional equipment, and my creative eye. Because it doesn’t include a piece of paper many people are confused as to why they would be so pricey. It isn’t the cost of the paper that makes portraits expensive. It is the cost of everything that goes into it.

Why are digital files so expensive?

How far in advance should we book our session with you?

How many sessions do you book a month?

Do you touch up or edit the photos?

Where are you located? Will you travel to me?

There are many questions that come up from people about what I do and how I do it. I hope this page helps answer some of those for you. If for some reason you want to know something that isn’t addressed here, just shoot me an e-mail.

Yes, but I don’t advertise that I do. I enjoy photographing these sessions but they are not in my range of focus so I don’t show my portfolio for them. If you would like to see a sampling of my unlisted work, send me a message via the contact form on the Create Memories page.

I am in Norman, OK but I service the surrounding areas as well, Shawnee in particular because that is where I went to high school and where my mom currently lives. I absolutely LOVE to travel so if you're looking for me to travel to you, we can work something out!

Do you photograph maternity, cosplay, or other sessions not listed?