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Maddie + Weston | Norman Portrait Photographer

July 30, 2017

When you ask your brother and sister-in-law to pose for you, they say yes. It’s that simple. Ha. But really, working with my brother Weston and sister-in-law Maddie is so much fun. We took a little road trip down to Turner Falls to see if we could scope out any good spots. Shooting in places like that are definitely my favorite type of places to capture. Connecting one-on-one with nature, being right in the thick of it, working within it… it’s magical. We ended up climbing a trail up the side of a small mountain (well, maybe more like a big hill) and those ended up being some of my favorite shots of the whole day! They are so much in love and it is truly a treasure to watch them interact. I can’t wait to force them to model for me again soon! ;P We ended the day by stopping to get some fried pies on the way home. Might have been the most delicious part of the day, maybe, maybe not. Hehehe.

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