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Amanda Foote Photography referral program

May 31, 2017

Hey friends!! Today I wanted to talk about something super special. This is something from me, to you.

The Amanda Foote Photography referral program.

This is a super neat service I offer to new and returning clients where you can earn complimentary prints and discounts on sessions just by telling your friends about me! That’s easy, right?

It’s pretty simple. You earn a credit for every referral that books a session with me when you send them my way. Each one that books (and pays for) a session will earn you a $50 credit – which you can then apply to a session OR a print or product!
The only rule is that the credits are not retroactive, meaning you cannot apply them to past purchases to get a refund. But that’s it! New and old clients are welcome! As long as the referral is specifically mentioned to me, the referrer will earn a credit! There is NO limit to the number of credits you can earn!

They’re stackable!

I keep track of all referrals as long as you make sure you tell me about them. If you don’t want to use your earned credit right away, they’re stackable. That means if you earn 4 $50 credits, you could get an entire session free completely FREE! Or a WHOLE canvas print free! Just something to think about. 😉
Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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