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A child of divorce is not a lost cause. | Amanda Foote Photography

April 3, 2017

A child of divorce is not a lost cause.

There was a time, as a child, I thought I remembered my parents as happy. As an adult I grew up to find that I was very coddled and sheltered, and life was never really how I remember it being. Despite everything, all of their faults and mistakes, my parents were married for ten years before they split up. When they did, I felt broken in two. But they weren’t right for each other, at the end and maybe even at the beginning.

But that is why I am so happy to know that I have found the right person for me. It’s early, ten years down the road for us could be different, but… I just feel it. I know in my bones that Philip is it. He’s all I could ever hope for, and more. He loves me completely and passionately. I will never want for anything, so long as I have him. So, yes. It is sad that I am a child of divorce. But I learned what love is not. And for that, I am thankful.

And I want you to be thankful too. Be thankful for where you are in life, for the lessons life has taught you. It is molding you to be a better person. Listen to it. Trust your gut. And some day, you’ll know when it’s right too.

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