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How to Care for Your Prints & Printed Memories | Amanda Foote Photography

March 31, 2017

Full Service Photography

A lot of changes have taken place within Amanda Foote Photography in recent months. I am SO excited about all of the new services I can offer you as valued readers and future friends. The gorgeous pieces I offer now include but are not limited to high quality, archival prints from professional printing services, and breathtaking heirloom albums with deep matte paper and luxurious linen covers. I’m moving away from the modern mentality that digital is always better, and I’m returning to my roots. I grew up in a time when prints were all there was. We have stunning but fading portraits and albums full of memories and laughter. When you look at a picture of my grandmother when she was my age, she looks JUST like me. It’s simply not the same looking at those pictures on a pixelated computer screen.

The only difference between those prints and the ones that I provide my clients with now is that mine are ordered from a professional, museum-quality printing service. They are designed to last for a very, very long time. But even before you order from me, there are ways you can prevent the prints you have now from aging so quickly!

How to Care For Your Printed Memories

Firstly, be sure that any valued portraits are not sitting on display in direct sunlight for hours at a time. This can be incredibly damaging to a portrait, and cause it to fade much more quickly over time. Secondly, avoid placing frame glass directly onto a printed image. This is how prints can become damaged easily. Sometimes moisture or condensation can produce between the print and the glass, and the print will stick and then dry, effectively ruining the image when it is removed from the frame. There are two ways to prevent this. One, you can remove the glass completely to eliminate the problem. And two, you can put in what’s called a “spacer,” or a small piece of cardboard or other material that provides a small amount of space between the print and the glass, preventing sticking.

Memories fade, don’t let the quality and care of your prints speed it up!

As a loyal and valued friend of AFP, I know you are probably excited about the changes I am making, but you might be wary about the new investment. The thing is, quality photography IS an investment for the future. Years from now, when the littles have grown up and moved away, the memories may have faded a lot. But the archival portraits you invested in when they were small will not have faded, if you have cared for them as I have suggested. Even so, there is nothing more important to me than my relationship with you and supporting a continued loyalty between the two of us. I hope you’ll love receiving the new experience as much as I love providing it for you.

Feel free to take a look at the Full Service Photography page here on my website to learn a little bit more about the AFP process and what types of prints and products I offer.

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