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Drink this and ye shall write { Writing by Amanda Foote }

September 14, 2016

drink this and ye shall write { writing by amanda foote }

Drink this and ye shall write { writing by Amanda Foote }

these days I want to write

but I find the words are just not there anymore.


They used to flow like water from a hose

cold and refreshing and plentiful


but now I am dry like the Grand Canyon

and the flow is more like expired syrup.


I don’t drink coffee anymore

except for on my days off,

they tell us we will spill it on the new carpet.

And so I take my tea instead,

a small act of rebellion against the one

who supplies my paycheck.


Coffee makes me tired anyway,

but maybe it’s the type of tired

that inspired me to write.


Today I was free from the confines of work

and I made coffee, and suddenly the words were there.


It makes me wonder if coffee

was some sort of weird gift from the muses;

Drink this and ye shall write.


I laugh and type the letters and hope

the faucet will just stay on.






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