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Fall breaths { Writing by Amanda Foote }

September 12, 2016

Fall breaths { Writing by Amanda Foote }

Fall breaths { Writing by Amanda Foote }

It’s approaching quickly

like the faint wisps of fog that roll in toward morning,

airy breaths cascading toward your shoulders,

bare from practice during summer heat.


The bitter cold will be here soon.

But for now you can enjoy the light caress

of falling leaves upon your hair

and the cool breezes that mark the beginning of a new season.


Pumpkins will line the front steps of houses

both poor and lavish, because all walks of life

know the beauty of the squash.


You open the windows and the patio door,

careful not to let Nova and Winslow the cats

roam too close to the open air, a freedom

of which they are not afforded.


You breathe deep.


Its tendrils tickle your nose

and cause you to sneeze but you smile,

because fall is finally here

and now you can rest easy in the gentle cool.



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