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March 26, 2016

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I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person that picked people up instead of putting them down. But lately in my own self-derogatory moods I’ve found myself judging other women based on what they wear or how they treat me (even when I’m kind). But after flash judging someone I almost always find myself thinking, “Quit judging. You don’t know them, what makes them confident, or what they’ve been through today!” And I read something once that said, “The first thought you have about someone is what society has conditioned you to think. The second thought is what you really think.” And while I may not be perfect and sometimes my first thought is the bad one, I feel good knowing that I’m going the right direction when I can correct my own thoughts. I know a looooot of people who could benefit from having this point of view. I want to empower other women, and people in general, not judge them. Empower, not judge! This is my new mantra and I hope to apply it to EVERY aspect of my life, including my judgements of myself. #empowernotjudge

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